Welcome to Wilmette Curling Club

Are you looking for a place to curl in the northern suburbs of Chicago? If so, then Wilmette Curling Club is for you! We don’t have our own facility, but our club does get to curl at Chicago Curling Club in Northbrook on Saturdays around noon during the curling season (October – mid-April). To further our opportunity to curl, several of our members also participate in area bonspiels, which is another name for a curling tournament, which usually lasts for 2-3 days. Our club gives everyone total access to the curling community in this area without locking one into a set schedule and higher dues structure.

Curling is a 600-year old sport that originated in Scotland, but is now played in many countries around the world. It is a sport that is full of tradition, much the same as golf, which also originated in Scotland. Curling is a sport that can be played by all ages, which makes it a great family sport, but can also be enjoyed by individuals. It is also a sport that is good exercise which can be done in a 2 hour period of time (the usual length of a game).

Wilmette Curling Club has been in existence since 1968 when the club had its own facility at the Curtis Center in Wilmette, Illinois. The facility had 6 sheets of ice and a very active membership, including Dar Curtis, who donated a great deal of money to preserve public curling in Illinois. When the club was closed by the city, it relied on other area clubs to help keep alive and that is the reason the club now has some ice time at Chicago Curling Club.

Everyone has the chance to learn to curl at Wilmette Curling Club. A beginner can learn the basics of the game (delivery, sweeping, etiquette and basic rules) in a few hours. Since it is a game that is quite different from the traditional games that everyone learned throughout school, it does take practice to become totally familiar with all aspects of the game. It is a very enjoyable game, so most people who try curling, do have the desire to continue playing and to become better at it.

Wilmette Curling Club is unique in that the club continues to thrive even without a facility of its own. This shows that the members are very dedicated to the sport and that they want to keep the club alive. The club is a good place to learn to curl because the dues are minimal and the schedule is not demanding on one’s time. After learning to curl with the Wilmette members, an individual (or family) can decide if he/she wants to further the involvement in the sport. Wilmette’s host club, Chicago Curling Club, offers many leagues of men, women, mixed and juniors, so if anyone wants a broader schedule of ice time, one might then consider what Chicago Curling Club has to offer.

Although Wilmette Curling Club doesn’t have its own facility, it has a long history of curlers who want to keep the club active; therefore, the members invite you to learn the sport and enjoy the excitement that goes along with it.

For more information, please contact the president of the Wilmette Curling Club, Walter Burns at WalterBurns@sourcemp.com.